3 movies released in 2020 that are worth the watch

Warning: Lots and Lots of Spoilers. I don’t know if you like that kind of thing but if you don’t you might want to leave and come back later after you’ve watched these. You have been warned.

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Love and Monsters

9/10 stars

Starring: Dylan O’Brien, Jessica Henwick, Ariana Greenblatt and Michael Rooker

Where to stream:
Amazon Prime, ITunes

Wow, what a movie.

If you’re looking for a heartwarming film about love in a post-apocalyptic world then this is the movie for you!

I loved Dylan O’Brien’s character, Joel. He grew and changed throughout the movie. His character was completely different from Thomas in Maze Runner (One of my favorite movies).

Love and Monsters

But he was still likable and I found myself rooting for him.

I will admit I didn’t like his bunk mates at first but I understood them and liked them after watching the movie a second time. Yes, I watched it twice.

The world building was awesome and drew me in from the beginning. I also loved the visuals.

I loved the monsters in the movie. And I loved how they sort of explained what happened to the other animals by way of having “boy” in the story.

It does make me wonder about the size of the lizards and snakes though if the frog thing was that big. Are there even snakes though…?

Anyway, did I mention that I loved this movie? I recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good movie to watch.


9/10 stars

Starring: Jay Reeves, Thaddeus J Mixson and Corinne Foxx

Where to stream:
Disney +

Safety was so adorable. When I saw the trailers and ads for this movie it looked like a romance. It is- but it isn’t.

Safety 2020

It’s about family and gosh am I a sucker for family love. In a lot of media, today loving your family isn’t as admirable as loving a significant other.

But having a family isn’t a luxury everyone has (I’m not saying that because you have a family it is obligatory to love them. I’m saying It would be nice if media displayed more families that were healthy instead of toxic and awful).

I mean, who else knows you as well as your siblings. Who else knows about that time when you were sleeping and you pointed at the ceiling and shouted “Wait a minute! That’s the queen of England!” (Oddly specific. Here’s looking at you, big brother.)

Safety Movie 2020

I loved this movie. It’s got love, family, and loyalty to your team. And it’s based on a true story? I’m such a sucker for that.

I like how much Fahmarr doesn’t seem to appreciate his brother at first. Which is pretty accurate when it comes to siblings. And how much Ray acts awful to people trying to help him but they both grew and matured. Ray wasn’t used to having that kind of care and support and Fahmarr is a teenager who has a tough life.


6/10 stars

Starring: Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn

Where to Stream:
Amazon Prime, ITunes

Freaky is basically a remake of Freaky Friday. Freaky Friday is a favorite so obviously I had to watch Freaky.

And I liked freaky it was good.

Let’s talk about all the good things first.

This movie is about a girl named Millie, played by Kathryn Newton. She is almost killed by a serial killer called The Blissfield Butcher, played by Vince Vaughn. But instead of killing her, they switch bodies.

Vince Vaughn playing the role of a teenage girl is comedy gold and he did it very well. While Kathryn Newton did equally well playing the role of a serial killer.

I also liked some of the parallels between Freaky and Freaky Friday. Though I can’t be sure if they were intentional or not.

Now let’s get into the few things that irked me about this movie.

First of all the love interest Booker. I guess he’s supposed to be like Jake. But unlike Jake.

Booker hardly communicates with Millie before she switches bodies with the serial killer.

Freaky Movie 2020

At least in Freaky Friday, Jake shows interest in Ana before she switches bodies with her mom. Booker interacts with Millie like once and tells her to set her alarm five minutes ahead. Oh yes, a tale as old as time…they’re obviously meant to be.

Even though before the ol’ switcheroo he sees her get bullied and does nothing.

I’m not saying make him the white knight or whatever but instead of telling me he always liked her…you should show me. It is a movie after all.

While we’re on the subject of Booker why did Booker and Millie (while in The Butcher’s body) have to kiss? I get it…they’re in love and have to show it through their bodies but have you no self-control?

At the end of the day, it’s a teenager kissing an older man. It came off as disturbing instead of cute and it was not necessary at all.

They could have done what they did in 10 things I Hate About You. I’m talking about the part where Patrick wanted to kiss Katherine. But he doesn’t because she was drunk and not thinking straight. Making the moment when they finally have their first kiss more meaningful.

Talk about disturbing. The mom is lonely after her husband has passed. It’s hard to lose someone you were planning forever with, I get it.

But the mom asking a random stranger out on a date after he was a little nice to her was a little weird. No, it was actually a lot of weird.

Now let’s get to one of Millie’s best friends. Don’t get me wrong the character of Josh played by Misha Osherovich was very funny.

But he didn’t have to be so creepy and talk about things like raping other guys so casually. It was unnecessary and not funny.

Even though the movie has flaws, I did love the idea and I like the movie.

What 2020 movie did you watch and like? Give me some recommendations below, even if they aren’t 2020 movies.

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