3 ways to bring the Moroccan Hamam to your home

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What is the Moroccan Hamam?

A Moroccan Hamam is a bathhouse. A lot of people compare the Moroccan Hamam or Moroccan Bathhouse to Turkish Baths and Korean Sauna’s but, apart from seeing Korean Sauna’s in dramas. I’ve never experienced either so, I can’t say. All I can say is I’m sure they all have their benefits and they can all make you feel pampered. Which is the main thing we’re going for here.

Since my only experience is the Moroccan Hamam (Take a sip of water every time I say Moroccan Hamam to stay hydrated 🙂 we will talk about that. A Moroccan Hamam is a large steam room with different levels of heat. Closest to the exit is the coolest room and as you go in deeper you experience more heat and more steam. For most people, I would recommend not hydrating while in the actual hamam because some say it gives you glowing skin but make sure to drink water if you are feeling dehydrated. Beauty is nothing if you’re dead. And be aware that some people can faint from the heat.

There are a lot of ways to make your bath similar to the Moroccan Hamam. But one of the main ways is to create steam in your bathroom.

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Why do you need steam? 

Steam is a good way to open up your pores and loosen the buildup of dirt, giving you a deeper cleanse. It also makes for a closer shave and hydrates dry skin. There are tons of other benefits but, those are some of the main ones.

Turn on the hot water and run your bath for about 5-10 minutes to get your bathroom all nice and steamy. Sit down and let the steam do its thang. Once you’re ready you can move onto the next step, which is Savon Beldi.

Savon Beldi

So by now, you should be all steamed up and ready to go. Grab your Savon Beldi (Moroccan Traditional Soap) and start massaging it into your skin. Savon Beldi is a high-alkaline Castille soap made traditionally with Olive oil and softened olives and it’s used to cleanse the skin while softening it before using an exfoliating glove to remove dead skin cells. What you would do is rub in the soap, wait 5-10 minutes for it to work its magic, and then wash it off. I say 5-10 minutes because it depends on your patience and how sensitive your skin is. Of course, for best results, you should probably leave it on for about 10 minutes but everyone is different.

Exfoliating Glove

After washing, use an exfoliating glove to remove the dead skin. Some people like to hire someone that works in the Hamam to help them with this process because it takes some skills to master this. While others opt to do this on their own. Though it can be hard to scrub your back, so maybe you can recruit someone to help out during this step.

(Side note: This order is not mutually exclusive. You can switch it up depending on your preferences. Like for instance, some people use Henna on their skin before exfoliating. But one thing I would be adamant about is to never wash your hair first if you intend to remove dead skin. You either won’t get any results or very little satisfaction.)


So you’ve removed all the dead skin, now what? This is the time you’d use Ghasool. Ghasool is extracted from the mineral-rich rocks in Morocco. It is both purifying and detoxifying. There are different types of Ghasool but the type used for your body is typically also safe for your face. Please always do a skin allergen check first. While ghassool used for the skin is safe for the face. There are two types, black ghassool, and white ghassool. Black Ghasool is for your hair and White Ghasool for the face. Take the powder, mix it with a bit of warm water to soften it and then massage it into your scalp. Leave it on from 10-15 minutes and then rinse it. After rinsing it out you can wash your hair like you normally would with shampoo and conditioner.

Image by Mary Campos from Pixabay

You’re almost there

Next, shave and wash your skin like you usually would with soap. The soap you use should be mild, like Savon Taous; Savon Taous isn’t sold in America. It’s gentle on the skin- good for people with skin allergies. A similar soap would be something like Dr.Bronner’s Pure Castile Bar Soap and then use any kind of body wash. Ta-da! You are finally done and have made it through the eight stages of cleaning your misery and guilt away.

Wrap yourself into a cozy robe and make your way out. Take it slow but make sure to rub your skin with body lotion soon after exiting the bath (I prefer Vaseline as the ultimate moisturizer, no need for expensive lotions and serums when petroleum is the main ingredient and about 1,000 times cheaper). I also like to use Rose oil on any parts of my body I’ve recently shaved/waxed since it tends to slow hair growth and elongates the time in between shaves. Also, it smells delightful if you like the smell of flowers.

Now, you’re done, enjoy!

What are some ways you make it feel like a spa day in your own home?

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