5 of the worst movies of 2020

Warning: Lots and Lots of Spoilers. I don’t know if you like that kind of thing but if you don’t you might want to leave and come back later after you’ve watched these. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Now that we’ve gone through some good movies that came out in 2020. If you haven’t read that post than you can read it here. In this post let’s go through some of the worst movies of 2020.

Wonder Woman 1984


Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Pedro Pascal, and Kristen Wiig

Where to Stream:


I was looking forward to this movie coming out. And I’m bummed out that it’s on this list.

Before we get into why Wonder Woman 1984 is on this list let’s talk about some things I liked about the movie.

Wonder Woman is one of the worst movies of 2020

I liked the fan service for certain things. When I say fan service I mean things like getting to see Wonder Woman’s invisible plane.

I liked that Diana and Steve switched roles and now Diana is showing Steve what the world is like. How the world works and how to dress. I’m a sucker for makeover scenes. I’m not saying I love ugly duckling turned beautiful swan trope. But I like when characters experiment with other styles.

Steve tries on new clothes
Wonder Woman knows best

Why I didn’t like the movie.

Wonder Woman was a super confusing movie. It was hard to follow along, it had a lot of potential but some things didn’t make sense.

New Rockstars video on YouTube explained some of the plot holes. You guys should check it out here. But am I wrong in thinking a movie should be easy to understand for new fans as well as fun for long-time fans.

For fans to be like, “Hey, I recognize that name.” or “How cool is it that they incorporated Wonder Woman’s invisible plane? Even if it doesn’t make sense that Steve can pilot a future plane. And it also doesn’t make sense that said plane is full of gas. Even though it was sitting in the Smithsonian hanging out. And when did Wonder Woman get powers to make things invisible?…etc”

The movie alone should have been enough for us to follow along. With no knowledge or very little knowledge about Wonder Woman in other media. Such as after watching the first movie.

The first movie did it very well so why did the second movie fail so miserably?

I loved that Diana has a new female friend and they took that away and made it about love again. And love is fine. I have nothing against love. I don’t get how Diana is still thinking about some guy she met so many years ago. Sure he was a great guy and bringing Steve back is also great but you want me to believe she found no one else? And no new friends?

And the one friend she does make…turns on her.

Did anyone else think it was weird that Diana and Steve are okay with using another person’s body as a vessel?

They shared bodies and became one…using a stranger’s body. Why couldn’t they have made this easy on themselves and had Steve come back as himself? Was it purely for the ending scene where (does body vessel guy have a name?) shows up and converses with Diana as himself.

While Steve had control over this man’s body where was his consciousness hanging out? Where were his friends and family? What happened to work? Does no one care about this man?

Anyways, there was a lot of plotholes and confusion.



Starring: Sarah Paulson, and Kiera Allen

Where to Stream:


Run has the same storyline as The Act and Everything Everything. I used to think that Everything, Everything was a cute movie until I watched both The Act and Run. And read about the real-life story The Act is based on.

If you don’t know anything about The Act; it’s about a girl named Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Her mom fakes that she’s sick for all her life. Until Gypsy finds out the truth. Gypsy snaps and has her mother killed. Wild, I know.

On the other hand, Everything, Everything a cute movie about a girl who has a weak immune system. She lives her life indoors watching the world pass her by from her window. Although, she has everything she could ever want that isn’t enough. She falls in love with her neighbor and learns she wasn’t sick after all.

After watching it a second time I don’t know if I can understand the mother’s thought process at all.

Run is one of the worst movies of 2020

There are so many movies about this subject. And it’s terrifying to think that this is actually happening.

So now that we’ve got those two movies covered let’s talk about Run.
It’s the same storyline about the two movies I covered above. A mother keeping her child away from the rest of the world under the guise that their child is sick. What I don’t understand in this movie is the why.

I knew the reasons for why the mother’s in the other movies did what they did, even if I couldn’t excuse it. But I couldn’t understand what the mother in Run wanted to achieve.

I guess that was the trend for 2020 because next, we’ve got Unhinged.



Starring: Russell Crowe, Caren Pistorius, and Gabriel Bateman

Where to Watch:

Amazon Prime

This movie was wild from start to finish. And not in a good way.
We’ve got Russell Crowe playing a complete psycho who’s going around killing people. From what I understood. His wife left him…and so he killed her…possibly…and everyone else involved.

And then someone was rude to him so then yeah he had to wreck her life and wreck anyone that is involved with her. And that’s it.

I don’t know.

This movie was…a waste of time. Don’t watch. Unless you’re in it to see Russell Crowe play the role of an emotionally unstable Wreck-It Ralph.



Starring: Liu Yifei, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Yoson An, Gong Li, and Jason Scott Lee

Where to Watch:

Disney Plus

Amazon Prime

Ah, man another movie I was excited about.
Mulan was my favorite Disney movie as a kid, or maybe Aladdin was…I’m allowed to have more than one favorite.

This movie had so much promise.

I’m not going to talk about the actual movie in this section. If you want to see some video’s about the movie itself I recommend looking at these videos:
Jon Solo, He also has some Origin stories about Mulan that are pretty cool. You guys should also check those out.
Trin Lovell
Xiran Jay Zhao She made a Youtube channel purely because Mulan pissed her off so badly.

And so many more.

Why Mulan was one of the worst movies of 2020

Instead let’s cover some of the issues surrounding this movie.

If you haven’t heard about what’s happening in China with the Uyghur people. I’ll give you a basic idea.

The Chinese government is completely wiping out a whole people. And committing genocide right under our noses. It was called ‘the largest mass incarceration of a minority population in the world today.’ This has been going on since 2017. So you would think the issue would have been resolved by now but nothing has been done.

More than one million people (I’m not sure of the exact number as it’s hard to pinpoint. If anyone knows where I can find this information, hit me up.) are being detained in internment camps in Xinjiang, China. The Chinese government is forcing them to abandon their religious beliefs to become ‘normal citizens’. They are being tortured, raped, and ripped away from their families. Among other serious violations of human rights.

So what does this have to do with the live action Mulan?

The movie Mulan was filmed in China’s Xinjiang province. Where the Uyghur people are being detained.

When we used to read about the holocaust in school, I’m sure a lot of us used to say we would have never stayed silent. So we should all be using our platforms to inform people about this issue and we can all band together to stop it.

Here are some ways you can help:

Sign petitions

Share information on this topic to raise awareness

Write to political representatives

Please take some time and put in some effort to help your fellow humans.

The Assistant

(I honestly don’t know what to rate this…)

Starring: Julia Garner, Kristine Froseth, Matthew Macfadyen

Where to Watch:

Amazon Prime

Why is this in everyone and their uncles must watch/favorites list of 2020??

I don’t understand.

Bombshell was so much better than this and it wasn’t even in my top 10 movies of the year in 2019.

What was the point of this movie?

Why the Assistant is one of the worst movies of 2020

I was waiting for something to happen in the movie. The character to grow, change, something but they gave me nothing. Nothing changed. The character remained stagnant. I did not care about anyone in the movie.

When she took a stand and it led to nowhere it left me feeling empty.

I guess it works, art is supposed to make you feel something.

But why does the movie feel so unfinished.

She looks so sad

Actually, I’ve changed my mind as I’ve written this and fully soaked in the movie. It’s not a bad movie, it just has an unsatisfying ending. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s meant to make us aware of situations similar to what the lead is in. We don’t know what we’d do in her situation because we’re not her.

We’d like to believe that we’d leave.

But are you as passionate as she is in Producing? Can you understand her? Can you understand the people around her?

No, we can’t. And it’s so frustrating.

Not the worst movie

I get it now…it’s not a bad movie. It’s a harsh reality of the world. But I just want to put this out there, if you’re maybe in the same situation. No job is worth your life. While you’re out there working hard that CEO can easily replace you at the drop of a hat. Remember that.

So let’s rate this movie…

I felt empty after watching this and would never recommend this movie to anyone who asks me what to watch. But I wouldn’t call it a bad movie/10

Weird year full of subpar movies.

What are some that I may have missed?

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