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Bridgerton is problematic and here is why

Bridgerton 4/10

Warning: Lots and Lots of Spoilers. I don’t know if you like that kind of thing but if you don’t you might want to leave and come back later after you’ve watched this show. You have been warned.

This show was originally on my 5 worst movies of 2020 list but I had to separate it into it’s own post when that post got way too long. You can view that list here. I also have a list of the best movies of 2020 that you can check out here. This show was entertaining and I wanted to love it but there are a few glaring sins that are much too big to ignore.

Bridgerton is not a movie but we’ll include it in this list. I don’t want to make a whole post about one tv show when it can fit into this article.

First, let’s go through some of the good things in this show.

The costumes and hair (color choices)

The costumes for the most part are not historically accurate. This bothered a lot of people but I don’t mind that they don’t follow the rules for historical accuracy.

The world of Bridgerton is more fantasy than reality and I love that about it. I didn’t like some of the dresses but that can be put down to taste.

I did hate seeing what we will call the overboob bodice as Karolina Zebrowska called it.

Which reminds me, if you want to see a more in-depth analysis about the costumes. You can watch these videos:
Karolina Zebrowska
Mina Le

I loved the richness of colors in the show. It’s refreshing to see more colorful gowns, than the drab browns, whites, and blues. Yes, some are exaggerated and some colors probably didn’t even exist in the time period the story takes place in but like I said… a historical fantasy.

I don’t like that they don’t ever wear the same dresses again because that’s unrealistic. But we’ll let it go for the sake of how beautiful they are and how much time they took. I mean, how many dresses?!

I also love the hairstyles, I like that they incorporated black/natural hairstyles. Dreadlocks, afros, and braids and they made them look elegant. Tell me again that those hairstyles are unprofessional.

I’ll wait.

The visuals

The fields, the buildings, just the setting in general is so beautiful it’s like a character all on it’s own.

I just really loved how it immersed me in the story.


Spoiler: Daphne and Simon had none.

One of the main things I didn’t like about the actual story was that Simon and Daphne seemed to fall in love quickly. But at the same time didn’t seem like they were in love.

It was like they were telling us that these two are in love but never got around to showing us why.

Townes and Harmon had a lot more chemistry in that one scene between them in Queen’s Gambit ep 2. More chemistry than Simon and Daphne did almost the entire first season of Bridgerton.

That might be harsh but there’s a lot of toxicity and bad blood in Simon and Daphne’s relationship.

I also didn’t like Simon very much and Daphne was so stiff and boring. Also, why does Daphne have no friends?

Eloise was way more interesting than Daphne, even her wardrobe had a lot more going on than Daphne. A lot more personality.

Yeah, I get that Daphne is supposed to come off as perfect and simple and elegant. But damn girl, why can’t you be more interesting? I mean even for the balls her outfits didn’t seem to change much which was strange.

Tension build up

Another thing that was disappointing was that there was a lot of tension build up in some parts and then it fell flat without leading anywhere. Like something was on the brink of happening and then never did.

Lady Whistledown

One thing the story had going for it was the mystery of Lady Whistledown. The identity of Lady Whistledown was revealed too early. What was the point of revealing Lady Whistledown so soon?

Give us mystery!

Part of the reason I kept watching Gossip Girl was because I was waiting for the reveal of Gossip Girl. By the way I’m still not over Dan being Gossip Girl…I mean what the frick frack?

Now let’s get into what really bothered me.

Sexual Assault

Daphne sexually assaults Simon and then it’s glossed over like, “this happens”.

No mention of it…they just continue on with their lives. As if nothing happened.

I just want to make it clear that women are capable of committing atrocities and horrid acts as much as men are. Women should be held accountable as much as men should.

There is no excusing this scene.

I must admit I skipped this scene and only heard about this happening recently. Sorry, but I don’t want to watch two people getting it on. I believed they were barely going to hold hands in this show…and then there was a lot of Butts…everywhere…

So, if you didn’t watch this yet and are planning on watching it with family. DON’T.

Just so we’re clear forcing a man to impregnate you against his consent is rape. What was even more annoying about this is how they still paint Daphne as the victim in this situation.

Yes, I won’t deny that if Simon had lied to her it would be wrong. But he clearly told her he cannot have children. He didn’t say he couldn’t have kids because of a health issue, he clearly just told her that he wouldn’t have kids.

She just misunderstood and blamed it on him. It’s likely frustrating for Daphne to know so little about marriage before getting married, and Simon probably should have taken the time to teach her. Daphne doesn’t know a lot of things about marriage going in. And Simon knows this.


This was my main problem with this couple, their lack of communication.

Communication is very important in ANY relationship. And Daphne and Simon were seriously lacking in this department. Talk to each other dammit.

Either address the assault or not have it happen. The writers could have had Daphne address the issue like a grown-ass adult. And she would have still been the victim.

Using diversity as a tool to bring in viewers

It worked, that’s for sure. I was excited when I saw that a black man was playing the lead in a period drama.

And then they brought in Marina and the Queen. And Lady Danbury (also a favorite character of mine.)

It was exciting until they made the one black girl ~ with lines! have a scandal? And not only that but the man who loved her (never mind this is too much of a spoiler. But ugh!!)

Well yeah, they made her pregnant, and ‘ruined’. And she becomes this horrible person who is trying to trap a man into marrying her. It’s all very sad and yeah it happens, but why did a black girl have to play that part?

It was very depressing. It was also weird to see one of Marina’s suitors check her teeth. It’s very reminiscent of the slave trade and what people used to do to slaves before buying them.

The other girls were all treated so well, and then that happened to the only black girl in the story with lines…I’m sorry, okay yeah there are other people in the show that are black that had lines…but Marina was Daphne’s only true competition and then…yeah…I’m just so sad…

Racism is not dead

Also, just because the king fell in love with a black queen doesn’t mean racism is dead.

Obama was president of the United States once but Trump became president soon after.

Racism is not dead because we’ve had a black leader or because the King isn’t a racist.

So basically, yeah Bridgerton is a good show but it has to do better.

Also, sidenote: if I were Daphne I would have married the kind Prince who bought me a beautiful gift without me having to ask. Get you a man who treats you well without you having to ask. In case you were wondering who I was rooting for.

Another disappointing show that I watched in 2020 that I would like to shout out is The 100 Season 7. I won’t write about it because I already covered the reason why I hated it so much on this post. I give it a 5/10 because it ended on a somewhat happy note.

What were some shows you watched in 2020 that disappointed you?

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