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How The 100 season 7 could’ve done better

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So by now, I think giving a spoiler warning isn’t absolutely necessary because the season finale of The 100 season 7 has long gone but inserting a warning hasn’t hurt anybody.


In case you don’t know what The 100 is, it’s a tv series that was airing on the CW that is based on a book series by Kass Morgan. It’s about some people that live up in space for about 100 years on a space station, the ark, after escaping a nuclear apocalypse on earth. They’ve start to run out of resources and don’t have a way to figure out if earth is inhabitable again. So, they decide to send the 100 kids who they are keeping prisoner for various misdeeds to figure out if they can now safely live on earth or not.

Trailer for Season 1 of The 100

I highly recommend the show (except for Season 7, I hate season 7)

You can watch it here on Amazon Prime. It’s also available on Netflix.


And now we can just hop right in with the subject at hand. Ya’ll know what I’m talking about. Bellamy’s death. I get it characters had to die. It wouldn’t be The 100 without at least one important death but lord all mighty the creators of The 100 did not do it’s watchers justice.

Yes, people in real life die everyday. If no one died it wouldn’t have been believable. The original 100 couldn’t all survive. Heck, I’m glad Finn didn’t stay long enough to witness all those horrors. 

But one could argue that Finn would have made a better leader than Clarke- of course that’s a conversation for another day.

The death of Bellamy did not make sense. That’s the main thing that bothers me. I accepted Abby and Cain dying because of story line. I even accepted a lot of other deaths in the series because it moved the story forward, shaped characters and just made sense.

While Bellamy’s death just seemed like a “Oh, yeah that guy, we should kill him. Why? Cos we’re also the writers of Riverdale and none of this needs to make sense, it just has to move the season along so we can get some content.” Sorry, was that too specific? (Yes, I know they’re not the same writers. I’m just saying they really fumbled here and that’s something the Riverdale writers have done many a time.)

Why am I so offended by this?

The reason I’m so offended by this is because Bellamy was once one of the most awful people in the 100 universe but he grew and finally redeemed himself. It took a lot to become who he was and I feel like when you take that much time to build a character you should at least keep his character true to who he is.

If he had died trying to protect Madi I feel like that would have made more sense. It was fully established that in order to transcend one must still be alive. Dead people do not transcend. And for a person who cares about his friends Bellamy sure didn’t seem like someone who cared whether or not his friends were able to achieve that goal. Yes, we get it “for the good of all mankind” or whatever. But would Bellamy really risk his best friend’s daughter’s life?

The writers went against the fundamentals of what made Bellamy who he is. You’re telling me that the core of what made Bellamy who he is was completely wiped and he just doesn’t care if his friends make it out alive? Than what’s the point of transcending anyway. Doesn’t seem like much of a fun time to me.

Alternate Ending for Bellamy

Okay, so you really want to kill off Bellamy?

Wouldn’t it have made more sense for Shiedheda to show Bellamy the book after Clarke leaves and Bellamy takes the book -understands what it is- hides it. Kills Shiedheda or let’s him die or even strikes a deal with him.WARNING SPOILER FOR FINALE: It wouldn’t have been that hard to replace the role of Shiedheda with someone else in wrecking havoc during the supposed last war. Shiedheda could have died, (Please don’t read the text that is in grey until you’ve watched the finale). Bellamy could have done something redeeming after betraying all his friends.

I’m not saying don’t kill Bellamy – what I’m saying is that y’all can kill him but do it right. He could have hid the book only for it to be found later and died trying to protect Madi.

Bellamy’s character wouldn’t risk Madi’s life. She’s his best friends kid. I mean all those years of friendship and loyalty thrown away and for what??

For a person that wants to help his friends transcend he doesn’t really seem to care about what happens to them in the process.

What’s the point of transcending anyway. Seems like a nightmare. Sharing your consciousness with another being. Ew, gross, for why would I want to do that?

Another rip in the matrix

Also, Clarke just straight up shot Bellamy. Which was like, so you couldn’t have grabbed him and thrown him into the anomaly to knock some sense into him? Or shot his hand? Nope, you had to kill him and leave the sketchbook, yeah sure, that’s good plan.

But I guess even Clarke’s reaction made sense because she was afraid of what might happen to Madi if the Disciples got the sketchbook. We’ve seen the disciples and what they do to get what they want. She was protecting her kid.

Last thing I will bring up. Octavia and Echo’s reactions to Bellamy’s death and Clarke killing him. That is all.

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What episode of a Tv Show completely ruined the whole show for you?

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