How to have a Traditional Moroccan Wedding

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Moroccan Wedding
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The Bride Arrives

Some weddings happen during the day which can start at 2 pm-3 pm and end around 11 pm-12 am. While some weddings happen during the night and start at around 8 pm-9 pm and end at around 4 am-5 am.

But the bride always waits until the Hall fills up before showing up.

A bride will change her takchita/outfit between 2-7 times. The average is 4 times. But in this article, I will talk about the bride changing her outfit 6 times.

The bride does not arrive at the wedding until the hall has filled with guests. So about 3 hours before the bride and groom arrive. The family of the bride and groom arrive at the hall. The mother of the bride, and the mother of the groom stand at the door of the hall and greet guests as they arrive.

The mothers give the guests milk and dates filled with almonds or walnuts as they enter the hall.

This is when the guests would bring gifts to the bride.

The waiters give guests juice and cakes before the bride comes.


And it continues to play as the bride and groom stand in front of the l3amariya. The bride is wearing her first Takchita which is usually white, cream or beige. They take photos and then the bride gets picked up in the 3amariya.

Finally when the hall fills up the bride and groom arrive in a decorated car. Da9a Marrakechiya is playing as they exit the car.

When the bride is finally done with the 3amariya she takes photos with the groom. And then people go to take photos with them as well.

People dance some more.

Again the da9a marakechiya happens. Because when the bride came in people weren’t able to dance with the da9a.

After the bride takes enough photos with the groom and the guests. Slow music is playing in the background to indicate that the bride needs to go change.

The bride goes to change into another Takchita, and the groom changes his tie to match the color of her takchita.

While the bride is changing the guests drink tea and eat Moroccan cookies.

When the bride enters after changing she may dance if she wants to.

She poses for more photos with the groom and the guests.

(The bride and groom are given instructions from the photographer on how to pose for their photos.)

More dancing.

The bride goes to change once again.

Moroccan Wedding
Image by Pexels from Pixabay


People are seated on tables that seat between 8-12 people per table.

While everyone is eating. The bride and groom make their rounds around the tables to greet their guests. They thank them for coming and receive well wishes from the guests.

And then they sit at the center table with close family members. Where everyone can see the couple.

The photographer takes photos/videos of the guests and the couple as they eat. While people are eating there is still dancing and music going on.

After everyone has finished eating. The bride leaves once again to change her clothes and fix her makeup.

This is when the bride chooses a traditional outfit based on the region she or the groom is from. Some of the choices are Fesi, Shilha, Shamilya, Oujidia, etc…

Some brides choose to wear more than one of these options but most choose one. Now the groom might choose to wear a Jilaba to match what the bride is wearing.


She and the groom are picked up on the mida, which is like the 3mariya. And a song to match what the bride is wearing is playing while they make their rounds.

They then sit and take more photos together and then with their guests. A lot of people choose this time to take photos with the bride even if they’ve already taken photos.

The bride is then escorted again to change into a takchita. This is when the bride and groom might sign the marriage papers if they haven’t already. Or/and do an exchanging of rings.

The couple feeds each other milk and dates.

The photographer takes more photos. Then the bride and groom leave again to change.

Tradtional Moroccan Wedding
Image by Jeremy Wong from Pixabay

You have now reached the end of the Wedding

The bride wears a western white dress and the groom changes into a suit.

The cake is brought in.They take photos with the cake. And feed each other the cake with milk.

The groom and bride dance.

The cake is passed around along with chocolates or sugared almonds.

The bride and groom leave. The wedding is officially over but sometimes guests stay a little longer.

Of course not all weddings in Morocco follow this exact order but this is a basic idea of what occurs. A lot of music, dancing, photos, laughter, and changing of clothes.

What are weddings like in your culture?

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