Simple ways to elevate your living room

(But make it Moroccan style.)

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Painting your walls

There are a lot of ways to incorporate a Moroccan style into your household. Today we’ll go through some of the simplest ways. Though it’s not necessary, painting your walls is a good way to do it. You can paint them whatever color you want depending on the vibe your going for but I recommend blues, reds and oranges. Another thing you can do is use a stencil to make the illusion of tiles on the wall. Tiles in Morocco are very prominent and Morocco is known for it’s use of Zellij (Moroccan dialect for ’tiles’). So stencils are a good way to incorporate them.

Moroccan Area Rug

One of the main ways you can change the whole living room can be as simple as changing out your rug or adding one if you don’t have one in your living room already. Of course, rugs online aren’t the same as buying one from Marrakesh, Ozoud, Chefchaouen (these rugs are usually one of a kind), or other Moroccan cities but, they’re nice enough to change up the look of your living room.

Decorative Throw Pillows

Changing out your pillows is also another simple way to change the look. Make sure you match the pillows you choose to the rug. Just this one detail can bring the whole room together. My suggestion is to look for something that’s good quality and easy to stick in the wash.

Add some art to your wall

You can add Mandela’s, a painting, or a tapestry to the wall. You could even add a mirror to make the room look like it’s bigger than it is or brighter than it is.

Other minor changes you can make

Add a textured throw blanket that also matches the pillows and rug.

One of the best ways to do this is to decide if you’re going for a more modern look is to make sure you have a neutral-colored sofa or couch. Throwing in neutrals among colors can make the room look less busy. Sometimes making everything match exactly doesn’t give the desired effect you’d want.

If you’re going for a more bohemian look, the more textures, and colors the better. And the richer the colors the better.

Add a pouf, and some Moroccan style lamps to give it a romantic vibe. A basket with a plant, and voila. You’re done.

What are some ways you incorporate your culture into your decor?

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